The Martian Chronicles


Written by: Ray Bradbury

Release date: 1950
Number of pages: 222
Genre: Science Fiction
Readability: Easy/Medium
Link to book: The Martian Chronicles (Thriftbooks)

Rating: 7.75/10

This book fully captures Bradbury’s writing style which is filled with beautiful prose that does an excellent job of describing everything from the mundane to heavy philosophical concepts.

The Martian Chronicles isn’t just a book you read, it takes you on an adventure whether you want to go or not. It covers various and different types of groups who have made the expedition to Mars from Earth from 1999-2026. Having penned the book in 1950, this book is filled with fictional representations of what Bradbury thought the modern world would be like. Along with envisioning human space travel to Mars, he also theorized that humans would become a very uncaring species who lost its culture. Humanity has become sterile.

As mentioned above, this book truly takes you on a journey to strange, funny and grim places including a psych ward, Poe’s House of Usher, space vehicles, deserted cities and even a hot dog stand in space.

Intrigued yet? If so, pick up a copy of this book, it’s definitely worth the read.

Will humans meet aliens? If so, will they look like monsters, be something entirely new or resemble humans? Or, will Mars be completely empty and devoid of any living beings … which could be just as sinister?




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